Book an appointment with WorkinDenmark if you need:

Career Guidance

At the career guidance, you will meet a recruitment consultant from Workindenmark who can introduce you to how to find a job in Denmark.  We will talk about tips and tricks for your job search. Expect approx. 20 minutes for each appointment. Please note that only two persons can be present during the appointment.


PD U2 – European unemployment benefit:

It is important that you register your CV at before handing in your PD U2 form to Workindenmark. Please bring your CV number for the appointment.

For more info about job guidance and PD U2 please check


Due to the Covid19 preventive measures in the Copenhagen area, the  Workindenmark office in Copenhagen will be closed for personal attendance from the 8.-22.  September 2020

EU/EEA/Swiss jobseekers with unemployment benefit from home country: To hand in a PD U2 form to Workindenmark East you must send or hand in the form to:

Workindenmark East, Gyldensløvesgade 11,1., 1600 København. The mailbox is located in the entrance to International House. It is important, that you register your CV beforehand and write your CV number on the form. You can also send your CV number to

Job seeking guidance: You can call (+45) 33 66 66 06 to book a telephone or skype appointment with one of the recruitment consultants from Workindenmark